At BAD, we value individuality rather than conformity. And so, if we encourage and expect you to bring out your uniqueness, we must support it by ensuring a customized experience. We do so by providing unmatched mentoring from our highly trained and experienced team, but also by giving you two options to choose from: Group Workshops and Individual Coaching.

Group Workshops: When a group of Brilliant, Ambitious, and Dedicated people come together, magic is inevitable. No, we are not talking about the team behind BAD but our students. Our comprehensive curriculum, specialized techniques, advanced dance forms, committed trainers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class mentoring, and much much more, demands and attracts a similar level of passion and professionalism and we are proud that even though our doors are open to all, not everyone dares to enter them. The select few that chose to are crafted into exceptional artists and humans that ooze artistry as well as confidence and have a fine blend of team spirit and individual style.

Individual Coaching: While the energy and the learning with a group of committed artists is always powerful, it is not always possible for some individuals to be a part of the group workshops because of time, privacy or other issues. Also, at times there are custom requirements that may not be possible in a group setting. All of this led us to provide comprehensive individual coaching sessions with our best teachers. This can be at the venue of your choice, including your home or a studio, in any city where we have our presence.

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