BAD Gurukul


BAD Gurukul… transforming you into an artist

Bivash Sir owes his success to his talent, hard work, persistence, but also to the gurus that helped him see further than he could. And so, his dream of becoming the best in this industry has been less about him and more about the thousands of talented youth around the country that have the talent but not the support, guidance, and ability to transform their dreams into reality.

As an artist, you are like a butterfly, and it is the struggles at the stage when you are unknown that strengthens your wings and helps you to fly. Our Gurukul is therefore designed not to help you out of the cocoon as soon as possible but to ensure that you step out when you are strong enough to soar. And once you are, nothing will stop you from soaring through the sky.

Our Gurukul has state-of-art infrastructure that includes – amongst other facilities – set-ups for a world-class aerial act (the first of its kind in India) as well as lupit poles and other unique acts. But while this will literally help you reach the top, we have not forgotten the fundamentals. Students here are provided with basic education, grooming, and mentoring, they are nurtured and protected like saplings, they are pushed until they reach their limits and discover how to break them.

Bivash Sir says, “My aim is to make my students excel in dance, which will help them to create a lucrative career for themselves and establish themselves as professionals in this field.”

For this and many other reasons, dancers from all over India and the world seek to join our school. But since we want to ensure that every student of ours gets the best, we limit the intake. And so, if you seek admittance at our Gurukul, the first step is to send us your performance portfolio/show-reel and we will get in touch with you should you get shortlisted. Rest assured that our decision will be without any bias and subject to the natural talent as well as the ability that you have developed thus far, and not based on the cost or quality of the video.

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