Corporate Social Activities (CSR)

“No one becomes poor by giving” is a saying that Bivash Chowdhury subscribes to.

And so, since the very beginning, he has been active with various social causes and is privileged to spend his time, energy, and money in the support of the underprivileged, especially children.

He believes that every child, no matter the background, has immense potential, and it is us – the society around them – that lets them down. And that is why Bivash is committed to discover and bring-out such unrecognized talents from among the disadvantaged & deprived youth from across the country.

In order to channelize his and other like-minded people’s commitment to this cause, he founded the Bivash Trust of Excellence in the year 2015 with the singular intent of providing opportunity and shaping the raw talent of those in our system who are underprivileged.

And as these children bloom under his hand, he is simultaneously creating multiple possibilities for them. For instance, under his BAD World creations, he’s creating opportunities, not just in various dance forms but also for other performing arts and acts.

A shining example is the extremely talented and nationally recognized ‘Sonali’, the co-champion of India’s Got Talent’ (along with Sumanth).

If you would like to recommend someone for a scholarship under BTX, send us an email on…