A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.

  • Bob Proctor


Bivash Chowdhury has been and continues to be a mentor to hundreds and thousands of his students from around the country and the world. And though this respect is well deserved and earned through sheer grit and unending passion for dance, he does not take this responsibility lightly.

Bivash started his journey many years back, but his first big break happened in 2007 when he was given the opportunity to choreograph Zee Bangla’s now flag-ship show ‘Dance Bangla Dance’ (Season 1) and where, under the mentoring of Mahaguru Mithun Chakraborty, he was judged as the best Choreographer. He was also a tremendous success in the second edition.

This led to him becoming a known name in Bengal as a dancer & choreographer. It was the moment he had dreamed of and he immediately launched the BIVASH ACADEMY OF DANCE (BAD). Very soon, students from all over West Bengal were being trained by him and ‘BIVASH SIR’ became a brand that inspired trust and delight for students across the state, who saw a platform where they could fulfil their dreams of becoming a dancing champ and a dance professional.

Bivash continued with choreography and dominated Bangla reality dance shows with three more wins before Bollywood beckoned and he moved to Mumbai with the dream of conquering and ruling the city of dreams.

There, he struggled to rise above the rest, and opportunity soon presented itself in 2011 under the guise of one of our nation’s best talent hunts, ‘India’s Got Talent’, where he and his two students (Sonali Majumdar and Maraju Sumanth) rocked the country and were adjudged as the season 3 Runners Up.

But Bivash wanted to ensure that he would not be taken as a one-off wonder and so pushed himself further. In 2012 he and his team raised the coveted Champion Trophy of India’s Got Talent, Season IV.

The awards and accolades kept on coming: ‘Best Dance Act Award (2014 & 2015), ‘Live Quotient Award’ ‘Ace Choreographer Award – Lions Club of India (2016), and have not stopped.

Wanting to take his mentoring and his students to the next level, Bivash decided to start a gurukul in Lonavala along with 25 of his jewel students. He started to experiment with them on various techniques, forms, styles, and concepts. Soon, the gurukul became the go-to-school for any youngster wanting to make a mark in dance, for here the students are groomed, nurtured, and trained to become world-class dance artists.

And all of the above… is just the beginning!